An introduction to Ciudane

Startreming Games
2 min readAug 6, 2021


In 2012, Nicolas was obsessed with the idea of making a Habbo clone. Or even better, an enhanced version from scratch.

Back in the day the idea was impossible to make with the resources and tools Nicolas had back then. But there were attempts.

“SmartHabbo”, 2012 Flash habbo clone using long-polling

At first, it was just going to be a Habbo clone. Nicolas wanted to know so bad to make a multiplayer game like that but nothing lasted long.

“VIMT” another attempt made in Flash using long-polling in 2015.

After a few years, it seemed like was going to be the key ingredient for the development of this metaverse Habbo-like game.

“Ciudane”, first version in 2018 using in Unity.

It wasn’t easy at all but it was working perfectly. There was no VPS, it was made in Node.js using and Unity 5.

The foundations of the game were established. Unfortunately, not in the right way. The code got unmaintainable after a while and the ideas got scrambled. It wasn’t the right time nor the right tools.

A year after that, an attempt to remake Ciudane from the ground up was taking shape. But with no clear ideas in networking infrastructure, it was cancelled.

Ciudane in 2019 made with Unity 2018 with no networking.

And finally, a year later, a multiplayer-based game jam in Startreming shed some light on the subject. There was a week to make a game using Mirror. It was the key ingredient needed for the game to take shape.

And so it was born.

2021. Ciudane as a FPS using Mirror on a VPS with realistic gameplay features.