Making a different place to work

Startreming Games
3 min readOct 3, 2022


There are thousands of game development companies out there: why should I join yours?

Game development is a never-ending journey filled with intense and unpredictable challenges. But you get to make games. Nobody really thinks about everything it entails: long hours, mediocre colleagues, unchallenging work, bad management…

When we started Startreming back in 2014, it started like any other game dev team: two people just want to develop the games they like. And then LocoSoccer was born.

With all the feedback we received, we felt it was more than just making and selling games. It was the accomplishment. We published a game. People played our game. We received criticism. We learned things, we made friends along the way and experienced many great moments. There was more.

First team meeting after working from home for many years (psst, we were playing Counter Strike, don’t tell anyone!)

Back in the day, Startreming was consider not just amateurish, but also a hobby. Founder and co-founder were kids (both 14 y/o) trying to understand life and grew up as the company did.

In the last few years, Startreming Games has become professional. A real company.

But there was something lacking: what makes us special?

With so many game development companies out there, all offering the same: you make our games (you might like them or not), you receive a salary and cool perks. We’re also like any other IT company, we might have (or not) flexible hours, career development, and other benefits. But that’s pretty much it.

Another time, brainstorming ideas for LocoSoccer 2

But what makes Startreming different?

We don’t just develop games. We develop people first.

We create an environment to make everyone feel cozy, welcomed, we surround everyone with stunning colleagues and big challenges. We give you the opportunity to grow your skills in a practical way every single day.

At Startreming Games, we are led by passion for videogames, valuing people’s potential to become talented game developers (and we’re talking about everyone, not just programmers!).

There is no need for showing off technical skills, but love for what you’re about to make.

Fourth Startreming Game Jam, first time in person

We have dozens of experiences from people coming from different backgrounds that share a deep love for videogames: I want to make them too! — they said. We want to give you the opportunity to shine. To show the world what you can make. To receive praise for it.

You’re one step closer. Let’s take the next step together:

We’ve been replying to every single email. We’ll even give you feedback.

That’s what makes us unique: we put you first.